Le MIM Magazine numéro #6 vient de paraitre



By Mouna Anajjar





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In this issue, I lead you on a journey into the vibrations of the world, between sound and silence, to talk to you about music - music rich in diversity and free in spirit, that avoids the demands of visibility and conformity.

Aïta is an art form of the people, born out of the fertile soil of rural Morocco and dubbed the "Moroccan Blues". Its performers sing with abandon about love, women and the injustices and difficulties of daily life. The chikhates, the admirable women of Aïta, have dared to transgress patriarchal norms. It is a poetry which comes from the shadows, exhorting modern reflections on society while countering small-minded thoughts with humanity and courage. The blues of the nomads is the music of those who, until recently, roamed the ergs and regs of the desert freely, counting the stars in the sky. Their music, punctuated by values of respect and sharing, testifies to their connection to the earth, to water, to life.

Another shared moment: my story with the indie alternative rock band Mashrou 'Leila, which began in Paris and continued two years later in Marrakech, giving birth to a short film. A tale which I bring to you here.


Mouna Anajjar